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Sherwood Warrior Club Campus Clean-up Day

The Sherwood Warrior Club Campus Clean-Up Day is Saturday, August 23rd, from 9:00 AM-1PM at Sherwood High School. Please join us for this important community event as we spruce up our campus. Students will be awarded SSL hours on the spot. Parents are asked to bring landscaping tools – leaf rakes, loppers, pruning shears, hedge […]

SSL Hours – March – Annual Campus Cleanup and Mulch Sale

03/15/14   Saturday       Campus Cleanup   9 am – 1 pm        Meet at Stadium Ticket Booth at 9 am03/23/14   Sunday         Mulch Sale     9 am – 1 pm        Meet at RELS on Layhill

Sherwood Warrior Club 2012 Fall Campus Clean-up

Saturday, 8/25/12

Warrior Club’s Annual Campus Clean-Up Day

Sherwood Campus Clean Up Sat., Aug. 27th: Start the School Year by Earning SSL Hours

Mulch Much?

  The beautification committee certainly does! We could use a bazillion bags around the Sherwood Campus. This past weekend, the Warrior Club Clean-Up Day used 135 bags. That didn’t even cover half of the beds around campus. Generous as they are, even the Warrior Club can’t afford a bazillion bags to finish the other half. […]