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Note for Girls Attending Prom

Girls – you can bring a clutch or a small evening purse. Those are acceptable. By bag I did not mean purse. As you know, we are trying to keep students safe and prevent someone from doing something stupid and illegal, like bringing alcohol, drugs, and other contraband on board. That is why there is a rule that no bags be allowed.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, of course you can bring a purse for your phone, make-up,  etc.
I am checking to see if a coat check will be available on the Odyssey. They normally have a coat check but I don’t want to make any assumptions. When I hear back from the organizers of Prom I will let you all know what I learned.
Amy Matathias
— In, Matathi@… wrote: > >  > Hey Girls/Ladies/Female Students attending Prom:

>  > You will be attending Prom on a boat. You may want to consider bringing flip flops or flats (carried in your hand, not a bag – no bags allowed) to wear on the boat or you may want to consider lower heels.

>  > We don’t want anyone to walk around barefoot, we don’t want anyone to cut their feet, we don’t want you to hurt your feet and we want you to be comfortable and have fun.

>  > Choose your footwear wisely and/or have a back-up plan.