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You Can Make A Difference: Join the PTSA

You make a difference, every day.

As the largest and oldest children’s advocacy association in the nation, PTSA  helps to promote the well-being of all children through advocating for  supportive laws and policies. Please keep in mind that as a PTSA member and  leader you are doing great things for children in your school communities. It is  not only membership that makes PTSA a success; it is also the leadership and
active involvement of parents, teachers and students. Studies have proven that  parental involvement provides children with a greater chance of achieving in  school. PTSA helps to strengthen schools and keeps families and community  leaders connected in support of education.

The Sherwood PTSA wants you as a member.

The SHS PTSA has been preparing for the 2011 – 2012 school year for several  months now. The directory information is being collected, the summer mailing was  sent, the first PTSA meeting is being planned for Tuesday 9/20/11 and Back to  School Night, Thursday 9/22/11, is just around the corner.

Use Pay Pal or a major credit card (see tab to the left for on-line registration) or send in the form (2011 PTSA Membership Form) and your check to the main office at SHS

Membership includes one free Student Directory.

Don’t forget to add your directory information (see tab on the left), it’s fast and easy.

Additional Donations

The SHS PTSA also has 3 funds that support and sponsor specific activities in  the SHS Community:

  1.  After Prom: Provides a fun and safe event for SHS Juniors and Seniors at  Longwood Center.
  2.  Scholarship: The PTSA provided 20 Scholarships to Seniors this past June. The  application process begins in Spring, with Scholarships awarded at Senior night.
  3.  General Fund: The General Fund supports value added activities in school, such  as the Art Show, Every 15 Minutes, Programs on Driving Safety and Making Good  Choices Identifying Issues on Drinking, and Faculty submitted activities.

Don’t delay join the Sherwood High School PTSA!

Your PTSA needs your support – we are counting on you!