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Mulch Much?

The beautification committee certainly does! We could use a bazillion bags around the Sherwood Campus. This past weekend, the Warrior Club Clean-Up Day used 135 bags. That didn’t even cover half of the beds around campus. Generous as they are, even the Warrior Club can’t afford a bazillion bags to finish the other half. But…, never fear, YOU CAN HELP!
The Warrior Club is having their Annual Mulch Sale on Sunday, April 18.
The beautification committee loves a sale! Once again this year you have a chance to donate a 3′ cubic bag of shredded hardwood mulch to help beautify the Sherwood campus. Just use this handy dandy form:
Mulch Sale Flyer and Order Form
This isn’t the skimpy 2′ cubic bag you see elsewhere. This 3 foot cubic bag will cover a 4×4 area with 2 inches of mulch. How does the committee know that? No math genius needed, use this calculator:
Mulch is a very handy garden product. Not only does it dress up your beds, but the practical purposes abound. Keeping weeds under wraps, retaining moisture through those summer dry spells and enriching the soil as it decomposes. Who wouldn’t want gobs of the stuff? We certainly do. SO…, donate a bag. The committee thanks you.
Pat Mucci, PTSA Beautification Committee