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Every 15 Minutes

A few more openings available to participate as one of the “living dead!” Get your application in now!

Every 15 Minutes is a national program designed to help high school juniors and seniors realize the unnecessary tragedies that can result from unsafe decisions made when driving.

 The program is named after the statistic when it began in the 1990’s, that someone in the United States died every 15 minutes from an alcohol-related accident. The statistic is now almost every 40 minutes, so it does reach a significant number of teenage drivers.

 This two-day program will be at Sherwood HS April 26th and April 27th.  All Juniors and Seniors may apply to be one of approximately forty “living dead” students, which means they will either be pulled out of class, one every 15 minutes, by the Grim Reaper throughout the school day, or they can take the role of a victim or the drunk driver in a staged car accident, with actual emergency and police vehicles responding.

 These students will have make-up applied to appear dead and then return to class for the remainder of the day.  After school, they will go to Barber’s Funeral Home and then an overnight retreat to listen to speakers and write a letter to their family about how their participation has affected them.

 Students who want to participate must submit the Parent/Guardian Permission Form and the Student Application Form NO LATER THAN MARCH 5.



 If you have questions or want more information, please contact:

Sharon St.Pierre
PTSA Every 15 Minutes Committee Coordinator and Parent Co-Chair